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Value For Your is a online and mail order business that sells quality goods at very low prices.
We do not substitute quality for cost because our products are sold for less. We have a high standard
for quality,
durability and appearance, any product we sell must meet those standard. If any of our
products don't meet these standard then we won't sell them.
We don't want you to return your
purchase because you are unhappy with the quality.

Our motto is when you shop at Value For Your Dollar your dollar has value.

Please check with us periodically because we are constantly adding new products to our web site.
As always we offer free shipping on all our products. Thank you and we always appreciate your business.

E. Jackson - President Marketing
Olivia, Nicholette, Jazmine -Vice-Presidents

Value For Your Dollars
PO Box 661128, Wakefield Station
Bronx, NY 10466

Tele: 718-653-1619

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